Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sharlet Sexton & The Tennessee Valley Boys

Sharlet Sexton & The Tennessee Valley Boys
Breeze Records 401
Livingston, Tennessee 1968
My Old Heartaches Are In The Past / Since Baby Put Me Down

Here is one of the real true treasures of the Ohio Valley! Miss Sharlet Sexton & the Tennessee Valley Boys were buried in obscurity for almost 42 years until recently being compiled on CD by Collector Records head honcho, Cees Klopp. The "Nuclear Wildman" hipped me to this record nearly four years ago when I traded for my first copy, and I have never been the same since. This record has been a staple on my turntable at least twice a week since bringing it home from rural Indiana. Miss Sexton recorded this number when she was sixteen years old with the help of Herman Hatfield (deceased), her Uncle Johnnie Flatford (mandolin; deceased), cousin Jimmy Flatford (upright bass), and Bud Wall (lead guitar). They traveled and performed in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Virginia until 1972 when she decided to get married and walk away from the trials and tribulations of being a country music troubadour. She and the boys left behind (to the best of my knowledge) five 45's, and one incredibly obscure LP.
Currently Miss Sexton resides in Anderson, Indiana, works as a police/fire dispatcher and has been working on some home recordings on her computer.

Since Baby Put Me Down


Will The Circle Be Unbroken


  1. Any of these records still available?

  2. Would you be interested in the other 4 45's and the LP? I have some of all of them

  3. yes I sure would. Please send me an email at the above address. Thanks

  4. Hi, I should be interested by a copy of the LP. Please send me your email.

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    Id be interested in any copies of the single Since baby put me down or the lp (if it includes this track?) Many thanks Dallas UK