Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pat Kingery & His Kentuckians vocal by Tommy Holmes

Pat Kingery & His Kentuckians vocal by Tommy Holmes
Vance Records 411
RITE pressing 6861/6862
Scottsville, Kentucky 1962
Jam On The Lower Shelf / Jam On The Lower Shelf

Bluegrass music and politics have been linked together for ages, and this unique recording combines the two. Marion Vance was a politican from Kentucky who payed Joe Dyson (owner of Goldenrod Records) to press up this 45 to be played over local airwaves to help promote his campaign. First issued on (Goldenrod 14) in 1957, and then issued on Vance at least three different times, which shows that Vance used the disc as promotional material for each year he ran for office. The vocalist heard here is Tommy Holmes, famous for his recording of "Wa-Chic-Ka-Noka" on Joe Dysons' other label Cherry Records. Pat Kingery & His Kentuckians made many records for several labels, including Goldenrod with vocalist Elva Carter, and the backing band on Judy Capps' release for Cherry in 1959.



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  2. Welcome to the "regional" blog fray, Scotty. Look forward to catching up with what you've done so far.

  3. Is the version on Goldenrod 14 titled "Put The Jam On The Lower Shelf (Where The Little Man Can Reach It)" the same recording (different title) as that released on Vance? 411 And are the two sides on Vance 411 identical or is one side an instrumental version?