Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tom Craig & The Trenton Valley Boys

Tom Craig & The Trenton Valley Boys
Jay Records E.P. 1960
RITE Pressing
Sidney, Ohio 1960
My Dream Girl / Your Daddy's Coming Home / Your Girl Or Mine / Please Tell Me

The Jay Records label was owned and operated by Jim & Edith Young, who also recorded many great records in their own right, for the label. It basically was a "song-poem" operation where local yocals could write a song, and have professional talent set their words to music in hopes of making a hit. Labels like "Tin-Pan-Alley", and "Preview" seem to be some of the more popular song-poem labels, and we know that they pressed a significant amount of each record, but that is not the case with the Jay label. Sometimes as little as 25 copies were given back to the song writer, making it nearly impossible to track down every release. E.P. 1960 seems to be one of the most obscure offerings in the label's vast catalog. No idea who Craig was, or where he came from but he sure delivers with two fine primitive rockabilly tunes.



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